Other equipment for material bonding

SPS technologies are applicable not only to sintering but also to material bonding, synthesizing or surface modification processes. So it is required to involve both of hardware and software (machining know-how) in view of vacuum technology, press working technology, control technology, and temperature measurement technology. Our SPS centers are therefore ready to provide advices for new material bonding method based on these technological back ground.

Millimeter- wave sintering system (High efficiency Millimeter –wave
transmitter GYHE3/24

Gyrotron Transmitter(water cooled)
Frequency24±0.5GHz Max.voltage 15kV
Max. Output3.0kW (continuous) Max current 1.0A
Controllable range0.2-3.0kW Outlet diameter φ32.6mm
Electron gunDiode type Oscillation mode TE11

Max pressure 10kN
Pressurizing sroke 50mm(open height 150mm)
Pressurizing mechanism Single axis (vertical) by AC servo moor

Belugia type depositor SEV-100

Deposition Source 2kw3Electron gun 980-7104(ANELVA)
Resistance Heating Port
Dimensions Main Unit : 1500W×500D×1550H
Electron gun panel:: 500W×500D×1200H
Board Size φ150
Control High Vacuum Emission Chamber leak
Deposition operation Board Shutter operation
All manual mode
Exhaust Shell Rough Rotary Pump :Exhaust speed 250L/min
Achievable pressure 2x10-1Pa
High Vacuum Turbo molecular pump :Exhaust speed 220L/S
Acievable pressure 1×10-6Pa
Utility Power input 3phase AC200V-50A
Water 4L/min

These are small equipment for experiment use. BY integrating operation panel and main unit, much installation space can be saved, Deposition source is equipped with one unit of 3 serial electron gun of 2kwand Resistance Heating Port and can be used simultaneously. Organic EL deposition is also available by resistance heating for which shield plate is mounted to avoid contamination between deposition sources. There are also shield plates inside of the chamber. Replacement of shield plates are designed to be simple.