SPS System for Production JPX Series


  • Flexible System enables upgrading of production capacity with throughput by extension of additional multi-chamber
  • Reasonable initial cost facilitates effective industrialization
  • Originally developed high efficiency and energy saving type pulse generator
  • High safety and easy maintenance structure
  • Precise processing control capacity results in high repeatability
  • Special energization mechanism enables rapid temperature rise and high cooling capacity results in enhanced throughput

JPX-300GⅢ (with optional unit) φ 300 mm Al2O3 (RD: 98 %)
“The World's Largest Tunnel-type Continuous SPS Production System”
with Three-chambers and Automatic Materials Handling Conveyer
|Main Specification|
Model Name JPX-120G JPX-300G JPX-600G
Maximum pressure 1.2MN 3MN 6MN
Z-axis stroke 150 mm to 600 mm(open height 600 mm to 1000 mm)
Stage size φ 300 mm to φ 900 mm
Maximum temperature 2,200℃(2,000℃ for normal use)*
Maximum pulse current output 15000A / 20000A / 30000A / 40000A
There are 4 types depend on different output.
※Maximum temperature is limited by the conditions, such as material composition,
sintering die & punch dimensions and holding time.

Custom-made SPS System

Customization of system for your needs

SPS system with Glove Box LABOX-125GH

Provided at reasonable price, SPS System with glove box(equipped with diffusion pump) is the most suitable for research and development work for nano-phase materials, thermoelectric conversion materials magnetic materials, etc. This equipment can be operated from the charging of powdered materials to the sintering without exposure into atmosphere (sample materials can be transported from the glove box to the sintering chamber).