SPS Bonding Technology

SPS is also applicable to bonding of materials with excellent result expected.

SPS Bonding is possible not only between same type of materials but also between those of different attributes such as between “Stainless steel” and “Aluminum alloy”, “Copper” and “Titanium alloy”, “Metal” and “Ceramic” and so forth.
Amongst SPS bonding, that between solid materials without involving any powder is the most popular method. But it is also possible to perform bonding of powders, sheet bonding between thin materials, composition gradient bonding utilizing gradient construction of composition,

Now, it is considered that this technology has come into the stage of 5th generation era to be utilized in the actual production/ manufacturing processes in the infinite range of industries.

Advantages of SPS Bonding:


Die-casting dies with flow channel for cooling fluid
Stainless + Cu Al + Cu C + Die steel Al + Brass + Cu
Thin Pipes Incorporation
of steel ball
Variant shaped
Magnetic +